Peruse data on how Johnyknoxville com exploits Johnny Knoxville’s notoriety, a notable, powerful media character.

Did you had at least some idea that Philip John Clapp is known as Johnny Knoxville in the United States? Knoxville is a multi-skilled character with mastery in stunt execution, acting, filmmaking, and an expert grappler. He became well known after he co-made a reality stunt show for MTV.

Knoxville is in the news consistently and as of late addressed most looked through inquiries on the web. How about we check how Johnyknoxville com is exploiting his prominence.

Knoxville’s Website:

It should be seen that the right URL of the real Knoxville site is different with one letter and the URL of the trick site is The motivation behind the production of is obscure as there is no satisfied present on the site. The site incorporates three connections for MTV, Knoxville and Jackass. was enlisted on second June 2022 for one year. It has a horrendous 1% trust score, 42.8% business positioning, 41% closeness to dubious sites, and a Zero Alexa positioning.

Johnny Knoxville Website is a profoundly shaky site as it utilizes the main HTTP convention. Counterfeit site IP has a substantial SSL endorsement for the following 89 days, however all programs have zero faith in the declaration. The site offers types of assistance through a solitary server situated in the USA. In any case, its CoO is obscure.

Every one of the connections divert clients to backers’ sites offering various items and administrations. The strategy, terms, client care contact data, proprietor’s data, and so forth, were absent on

Johnny Skateboard:

While Knoxville was available on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Webcast Show, he and Steve had marked a couple of skateboards. Few signed skateboards became well known as Johnny O Skateboard. They were sold on Steve-O’s site inside a couple of moments. The cost of a skateboard on ebay was cited as high as $480+. It was an intriguing thing for gatherers.

Individual existence of Knoxville:

Knoxville was brought into the world on eleventh March 1971; he is 51 years of age. He was brought into the world to Philip and Lemoyne Clapp. His dad was a sales rep, and his mom educated at Sunday school. Knoxville had two senior sisters.

He graduated in 1989 from South-Doyle High School and began his vocation as an entertainer. We will get more familiar with Johnyknoxville com beneath. Knoxville wedded Melanie Lynn Cates on fifteenth May 1995, and the couple had a girl. They later petitioned for legal separation in 2007. Knoxville wedded Naomi Nelson in 2010, and the couple had two youngsters.

Knoxville was fruitful in his profession in the media. He acted in 52 movies, 5 music recordings, 10 web series, and 52 TV series, and his voice and moves were caught for making two computer games.


Johnny Knoxville is a famous media character. His authority site is enrolled with the different URL. Nonetheless, tricksters took advantage by changing the spelling in the site URL and sent off a trick site, Johnyknoxville com, which has an unfortunate Trust Score, Alexa and Business positioning.’s elements showed that it is dubious and holds information security chances.

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