This article covers Five Letter Words That Start With Chu and assists you with improving your jargon by learning new terms.

Might it be said that you are mindful of the words starting with CHU? If not, we have you covered! You will feel glad for yourself realizing you can dominate the word matches without squinting. These games are well known in the United States.

This article has been explicitly outlined to give you all the Five Letter Words That Start With Chu. It will give you a rundown of words alongside their implications. Peruse and appreciate learning new words.

Words Starting With CHU

Chuck-To press or pat energetically, essentially under the jawline.

To toss or throw. Model He chucked the stones into the lake.
Casually means To toss out or dispose of.
Model She chucked her old articles of clothing
Chunk-a hard section of anything, like wood or bread.
Model He requested chunks of meat for his companions at the party

Handle additional successful words into your jargon from these 5 Letter Words Start With Chu,

A Churn-is a compartment or instrument wherein salve or milk is upset to protect the slick globules from the caseous/genuine parts used to make margarine.
Choppiness or commotion

a. To mix or upset (milk/cream) for making margarine.
b. To make by the fomenting of cream or milk
Chump-A vulnerable individual or a casualty.
An idiot or an imbecile
Chuff-To produce or move with clearly puffing and unstable clamors
An inconsiderate, unrefined individual.
An abhorrent individual.

More Five Letter Words That Start With Chu

Chute-A slanted channel, way, or pipe through or down which things might pass.
A thin, for the most part fenced lobby for horses and cows.

A direct development of one point of an oval hustling track, worked to start explicit extensive races with the goal that the last line can be kept on the immediately in the pretense of racks clubhouse.

Churr-The unforgiving buzzing/quavering sound by bugs or birds, similar to the grasshopper utters a sharp humming sound.
Chufa-A sedge at times created for its palatable tubers like a nut and frequently emerging as a weed.

Extra Words That Start With Chu

Chugs-A weak savage sound; rehashed for a brief time, made by/as though by a difficult working of the engine.
To make dull whimsical volumes.
To go while making dull and touchy commotions.
Chubs-1. Any of various typically weighty body
Freshwater fishes.
Chums-a personal companion who upholds his buddies in their amusements
A snare containing hacked fish or fish oils that are thrown over the edge to draw fishes
A huge Pacific fish: salmon with little spots on its tail; a critical eating regimen fish.

Last Verdict

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